The EX…


We all have one… That woman or man we can’t seem to shake, ugh. In this episode Jessica and Lacey investigate the EX. How to bring her/him up and nip’em in the bud for good. In order to have a successful relationship J & L believe it’s paramount to deal with the past traumas together, communication is the key.

Do you believe in life after love? :)

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  1. dens13 says:

    wow ladies….your timing with this blog– IMPECCABLE!! I literally JUST had the very unfortunate experience of seeing pictures of my ex on a cruise with her apparently-new-girlfriend on effing Facebook. you’re right- its the DEVIL!!!!

    We have been broken up for a few months due to her moving across the country to go to grad school, and JUST when I thought I was getting a grip on things- being comfortable with being single (for the first time in 10 years), not missing her all the time, enjoying life the way I want, realizing that she is NOT perfect, and realizing what I want/need in a relationship…. Yeah, just when I started really getting comfortable with all that, BANG POW BOOM. sucker punch to the stomach….pictures of her and the new girl. (i threw up a little in my mouth).
    Yep. it sucked. badly. But its like a car wreck- its horrible but you gotta look!

    And you’re right, Jessica, when you said that any information found on facebook, etc. is not going to make us feel any better at all. It totally set me back a few steps in this process of getting over her. So now I just gotta get my shit together (as you perfectly put it, Lacey) and focus on me…and get back on that track of moving forward and getting over her and getting over the relationship. Piece of cake, right?!?!

    The small wrench in the equation, you ask?? We were friends for YEARS before we were together…we share the same core group of friends, I’m close with her family, etc. This makes it SO much more difficult to deal with, since it cant be a “see ya later, im cutting you & anything associated with you out of my life” clean break. SOOOOO I’m hoping your great timing will continue and that you’ll do a blog about “being friends with the ex” soon.

    And as always, a million thanks to both of you for being so candid and forthcoming, and sharing your life experiences with all of us! :)
    love from boston

  2. lacey stone says:

    Awww Michelle!

    Jessica and I love your comments. Thank you for being sooo honest… Following up on EXs through FB does no good because you can’t be apart of their lives like you use to so if their happy it hurts a bit and if their sad it hurts. Can’t win.

    YES, Jessica and I just shot episodes through early December but we’ll 100% talk about being friends with the EX and we will give you a SHOUT OUT when that happens :)

    Stay strong woman… And know that this will pass. I promise.

  3. Kel says:

    Lacey, Jessica… Call me silly, but I miss your writing and your fitness blogs. Would you guys be writing on that subject soon?

    Only Love

    • lacey stone says:

      Hi Kel!

      Jessica and I are thinking about it… I’m actually in the process of writing my first book :) I’m going to be shopping it around to book agents and publishing houses in 2010… Once that hits Barnes & Noble I am certain I at least will be back to writing some inspiring notes on a regular.

      If you have any questions ever Kel, please comment and let us know!

      Happy Thanksgiving,

  4. Melissa says:

    Well, I gotta say I think it’s amazing that you reply all comments. Here in Brazil – yep, you have crossed the whole central americas down to our tropical land, at least in my computer… – things are a little different from what it’s like overthere in the US or over in England, people are not so open about their sexuality and we have very little effective media on positive aspects of gay life and being. I often reach out to to see what else is going on in our little lezland… and it is how I found you two and thought, wow, it’s great! Congratulations on the vlog and as I gather you two are pretty successful on your professional carreers as well, so I do congratulate you on that to. Well done. Thank you for actually doing it.
    cheers. Mel. (from São Paulo – Brazil)

  5. lacey stone says:

    Hey Melissa!

    Wow :) That’s great that we made it to Brazil… I love it over there. Jessica took me last year, beautiful! Please let us know if there any topics you’d like to cover and we would be happy to bring them into the light. Our VLOG is all about creating a safe place online for people to be open and honest about touchy topics.

    Love to YOU!
    Lacey Xx

  6. Emma says:

    BTW “I kid, I kid” is from Triumph the Comic Dog– I make jokes all the time to avoid serious conversations and being emotional because I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve and I feel vulnerable when showing my true emotions (even with my kin). It wasn’t until I am in my relationship now that I didn’t feel vulnerable showing emotion. But sometimes laughter is the best medicine. Looking forward to more blogs erm vlogs haha. BTW Lacey love your randomness. haha

    All the Best!

  7. Esmeralda says:


    Um…well there are so many times I went MMMHHMMM, and UH HUH!!

    Lace you are right her and I had been having a lot of problems, but I guess (I know) I kept telling myself that it was just a rough patch that we will work through, etc., etc., ect…

    You know the thing is, if I really look at the relationship and remove my emotions from it…it would have been the best if I had ended it for good (AND not kept going back!) after her parents got a divorce…when that happened our relationship changed A LOT and not exactly for the best…

    I wouldn’t say that I am devastated….I guess I was fed up and I was at the point where I was like I DONT GIVE A FLYING F*** anymore…

    I think it couldn’t have come at a better time, I am almost done with school and I am the vice president of the PFLAG chapter in my town (this is my baby, my saving grace I think…) I honestly think that if it wasn’t for me already getting pissy about it and getting myself involved with other things that are important to me this would be harder on me than it is…

    I guess, I just need like little cue cards for the moments when certain things trigger certain memories so that I am better equipped to deal with that in a more productive manner than sit and complain, cry, or get angry about it you know….

    I knew my relationship ended some time ago, it just took me a little bit longer to let it go and be ok with letting it go…

    ALSO an apology does NOT HELP! OMG, I thought that I needed that from her, some sort of acknowledgement that I did the best that I could and that she half assed the relationship…because I thought it would validate what I was feeling or something, and I got that but it made me 10 times more angry!

    AND she said SHE needed closure from all this…I kind of lost it here….I don’t understand how SHE needed closure when I feel I was the one putting in all the effort and she said herself that she didn’t put any effort into it…I kind of might have told her F-U and YOUR closure….I was mad….

    LOL…I think it is clear that I am mad as hell about it and yes I am hurt…but more angry about it than anything…and I am handling this a lot better than I have handled things like this in the past….

    …tips for dealing with post-break-up anger would be great!

    PS: THANK YOU SO MUCH for your concern and help with info about all the little issues I have lol I appreciate it so much Lacey and Jessica! SO MUCH! I actually found you guys when I came out a while back and you have been a lot of my “points of reference” for my relationship and dealing with everything else that has happened since then….I just want to say thank you so much for all this, I know that some of these things may seem trivial to some people, but this blog and your guys emails when I have issues or concerns have helped me out SO MUCH and you guys have most definitely helped me grow A LOT this year! So thank you and I wish you guys a great holiday and New Year’s!

  8. jill says:

    Hahaha, you girls are so great.
    Loved the facebook part!

    Thank you for doing this :)

    Wish you both the best,


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